Best Reasons to Choose a Local and Independent Book Store

Here are some of our best reasons for you to choose shopping at a local and independent book store.

Discover Local Talent

You can always check out the latest bestselling books at your local indie bookstore, as well as numerous other titles by very popular authors. However, if you want to support your local community, check the section that features local authors. These typical include a wide variety of self-published authors, as well as others who have are well-known in the country. This is a great way to read books that involve local landmarks and settings that you are familiar with. As a result, you also get the chance to explore a new side of your local arts scene.

Support Writers and Reading

By choosing to shop at a local book store, you can help ensure that good writers continue to be published. Because a huge percentage of books are now published digitally, many publishers are now rejecting new books, even from those authors that have been published before, especially if they are trying out something new. Without local book stores, you can only expect your reading choices to get blander and blander. Local book shops help authors experiment with something different, even when they have to be self-published to do it.

Independent bookstores also support the love of reading. Many offer book clubs, author events, themed reading groups, lectures, and other activities that provide opportunities for new thoughts and new ideas. Keep in mind that books have helped to influence the minds of the most creative and innovative writers, scientists, and other thinkers.

Support the Local Economy

Local indie bookstores are often great hubs for the communities that they belong to, acting as everything from a safe space for kids to visit after school, to a fun way for a group of friends to spend the weekend. Studies show that for every 100 dollars spent at a locally owned store, 73 dollars stay in the the local economy, whereas spending a 100 dollars at a national chain means that only 43 dollars is returned to the local economy.