Related Services

We also provide the following services to our customers.

Gift Shop

Our gift shop is also stocked with novelty items and unique and creative pieces including high-quality stationery, arts and crafts, notebooks, vinyl records, artwork, and other collectibles. Choose from a wide array of gifts for the discerning family member, friend, or colleague.We are welcoming and willing to help our valued customers shop the perfect gift, or locate an item for a special occasion. We also offer offer complimentary gift-wrapping all year round.

Off-Site Book Sales

Bun Boek works with an extensive range of businesses, organizations, academic institutions, and many more to coordinate author visits, off-site book sales, and others. We would love to work with publishers to bring authors to speak at the events that we organize and handle the sales of the author’s book. Talk to us as early as possible since these events can take some time to organize, especially if you are thinking about a specific number of book sales or if you only have certain dates available. As an independent book shop, we are flexible and would be happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Book Club

Our book shop also hosts a variety of book clubs and discussion groups. We also help moderate a forum that encourages online teen discussion of selected titles. Our in-store book clubs meet on weekday nights. New members are always encouraged to join. If you are interested in joining a specific book club or in discussing a certain title, give us a call and we’ll let you know how and when we accommodate your requests.

Book Lovers Subscription Box

The Book Lovers Subscription Box is a monthly book subscription where we send members a new book every month. Our competent staff will choose a new must-read book for you, depending on your indicated genre preference. You can pick up your new book at our shop or you can have it shipped to your doorstep for a minimal shipping fee. This is a great way to read new titles without having to peruse our, admittedly, incredibly diverse shelves.